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Cube sum labeling of graphs

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Sri Vidya Mandir Arts & Science College,katteri, Uthangarai(TK, Krishnagiri(DT),tamilnadu,india. Thanjavur, India.

Departmento De Cie Ncias Exatas E Engenharia, Academia Militar, Portugal

Research Scholar, Department of Mathematics, Sri Vidya Mandir Arts & Science College,katteri, Uthangarai(TK), Krishnagiri(DT),tamilnadu,india.

* Corresponding Author
Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2020
, 3 (2),
Received: 10 July 2020 |
Accepted: 16 August 2020 |
Published: 30 Jun 2020


Here, we define a cube sum labeling and cube sum graph. Let G be a (p, q) graph. G is said to be a cube sum graph if there exist a bijection f : V (G) → {0, 1, . . . , p − 1} such that the induced function f ∗ : E(G) → N given by are all distinct. In this paper, we developed the concept of cube sum labeling of some family of graphs like paths, cycle, stars, wheel graph, fan graphs are discussed in this paper.


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Cube sum labeling of graphs.

Annals of Communications in Mathematics,

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