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Techno Sky Publications is a publishing house and publishes journals from all branches of Mathematics and Sciences. TSP is an outstanding organization; it is being run by a team of highly professionals from all corners of the world . We believe that science has no boundaries, regardless of the great distances between countries and continents. I invite you in person to join the editorial board of our new journals, irrespective to the race, color, religion, nationality. You are welcome to contribute to our scientific journals. Our journals publish peer-reviewed original research, critical reviews or short communications in all aspects of Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Zoology, Humanity, Social and Applied Sciences, Geology, Agriculture, Health and Life Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology etc.

Techno Sky Publications welcome to new proposals for books/ Journals. Authors are requested to send a brief synopsis of their work and list of contents to the address given below. Techno Sky Publications provide publishing services for authors, scholarly and professional societies and associations, including production, online delivery, sales, subscriptions, marketing, and customer services.