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Quotient quasi-ordered residuated systems induced by quasi-valuation maps

International Mathematical Virtual Institute, 6, Kordunaska Street, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

* Corresponding Author
Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2023
, 6 (3),
Received: 04 September 2023 |
Accepted: 22 October 2023 |
Published: 31 October 2023

The concept of quasi-ordered residuated systems was introduced in 2018 by Bonzio and Chajda as a generalization both of commutative residuated lattices and hoopalgebras. Then this author investigated the substructures of ideals and filters in these algebraic structures. As a continuation of these research, in this article we design the concept of quotient quasi-ordered residuated systems induced by a quasi-valuation on it. Additionally, we prove some important properties of the thus constructed quotient structure.


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Daniel A. Romano.
Quotient quasi-ordered residuated systems induced by quasi-valuation maps.

Annals of Communications in Mathematics,

6 (3):

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