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Some types of interior filters in quasi-ordered Gamma -semigroup

International Mathematical Virtual Institute, Kordunaska ˇ Street 6, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

* Corresponding Author
Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2022
, 5 (1),
Received: 20 February 2022 |
Accepted: 10 May 2022 |
Published: 30 Jun 2022


In this article, the concepts of interior, weak-interior and quasi-interior filters in a quasi-ordered Γ-semigroup are introduced and recognize some of their fundamental properties. In addition to the above, the relationships between these three classes of filters in quasi-ordered Γ-semigroups are considered. One of the specifics in this analysis, among others, is that the requirement that a filter in a quasi-ordered Γ-semigroup S has to be a sub-semigroup in S is omitted. Instead of this requirement in the determination of these three classes of filters the consistency requirement is incorporated


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Some types of interior filters in quasi-ordered Gamma -semigroup.

Annals of Communications in Mathematics,

5 (1):
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