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New operators for Fermatean fuzzy sets

Department of Mathematics, Annamala University, Annamalainagar-608002, Tamilnadu, India.

* Corresponding Author
Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2020
, 3 (2),
Received: 6 June 2020 |
Accepted: 12 July 2020 |
Published: 30 Jun 2020


In this paper, we define some new operators[(A@B), (A$B), (A#B), (A∗ B), (A → B)] of Fermatean fuzzy sets. Then we discuss several properties of these operators. Further we prove necessity and possibility operators of Fermatean fuzzy sets and investigates the algebraic properties. Finally, we have identified and proved several of
these properties, particularly those involving the operator A → B defined as Fermatean fuzzy implication with other operators.


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New operators for Fermatean fuzzy sets.

Annals of Communications in Mathematics,

3 (2):
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