AbstractIn the present communication, we introduce the theory of generalized spherical fuzzy soft set and define some operations such as complement, union, intersection, AND and OR. Notably, we tend to showed De Morgan’s laws, associate laws and distributive laws that are holds in generalized spherical fuzzy soft set. Also, we advocate an algorithm to solve the decision making problem based on generalized soft set model. We introduce a similarity measure of two generalized spherical fuzzy soft sets and discuss its application in a medical diagnosis problem. Suppose that there are five patients P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5 in a hospital with certain symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever. Let the universal set contain only three elements. That is X = {x1 : severe, x2: mild, x3 : no}, the set of parameters E is the set of certain symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever is represented by E = {e1 : severe abdominal pain, e2: persistent vomiting, e3 : rapid breathing, e4 : bleeding gums, e5: restlessness and blood in vomit}. An illustrative examples are mentioned to show that they can be successfully used to solve problems with uncertainties.