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Frattini fuzzy subgroups of fuzzy groups

Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2019

, 2 (1)

, 24-31


AbstractThis paper continues the study of fuzzy group theory which has been explored over times. We propose maximal fuzzy subgroups and Frattini fuzzy subgroups of fuzzy groups as extensions of maximal subgroups and Frattini subgroups of classical groups. It is shown that every Frattini fuzzy subgroup is both characteristic and normal,respectively. Finally, some results are established in connection to level subgroups and alpha cuts of fuzzy groups.
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An object oriented approach to the application of intuitionistic fuzzy sets in competency based test evaluation

Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2018

, 1 (1)

, 38-47


AbstractCharacterizations of neutrosophic quadruple BCI-algebra are considered. Conditions for the neutrosophic quadruple BCI-set to be a p-semisimple BCI-algebra are provided. A condition for a subalgebra to be an ideal in neutrosophic quadruple BCIalgebra is given. Conditions for the set NQ(A, B) to be a neutrosophic quadruple closed ideal and neutrosophic quadruple p-ideal are discussed. Characterizations of neutrosophic quadruple p-ideal are considered.