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Pythagorean Q-anti neutrosophic ideals in gamma semigroup

Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2022

, 5 (2)

, 88-96


AbstractIn this article, we define the concept of Pythagorean Q-anti neutrosophic ideal in gamma semigroup, Pythagorean Q-anti neutrosophic bi-ideal in gamma semigroup, and Pythagorean Q-anti neutrosophic interior ideal in gamma semigroup. We have illustrated the definition with an example. We have shown that Pythagorean Q- anti neutrosophic bi-ideal is a fuzzy bi-ideal and Pythagorean Q-anti neutrosophic ideal is a Pythagorean Q-anti neutrosophic interior ideal. Also, we have established some of its properties in detail.
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Pythagorean cubic ideal of semigroup

Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2021

, 4 (2)

, 196-206


AbstractIn this paper, we introduce the notion of Pythagorean cubic ideal in semigroup. Also, we discuss some of their properties with examples.
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Almost Bi-ideals and Fuzzy Almost Bi-ideals of Ternary Semigroups

Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2024

, 7 (2)

, 100-107


AbstractIn this paper, we present the concepts of almost bi-ideals and fuzzy almost bi-ideals in ternary semigroups. The aim is to study their characterizations and establish the relation between different types of ideals in a ternary semigroup with various examples.