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Additive Functional Equation
Open AccessArticle

Fuzzy stability results of additive functional equation in different approaches

Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2020

, 3 (3)

, 208-217

DOI: https://doi.org/10.62072/acm.2020.030304

AbstractIn this paper, we investigate some stability results of the following finite dimensional additive functional equation where n is the positive integer with N − {0, 1, 2} and k is the only odd positive integers, in Fuzzy Normed space using direct and fixed point approaches.
Open AccessArticle

Fuzzy Stability for Finite Variable Additive Functional Equation in Classical Methods

Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2020

, 3 (1)

, 107-115

DOI: https://doi.org/10.62072/acm.2020.030111

AbstractWe examine the Ulam-Hyers stability of finite variable additive functional equation in fuzzy normed space using classical methods.