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Non-homogeneous Quinary Cubic Equation

Department of Mathematics, Shrimati Indira Gandhi College, Affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Trichy-620 002, Tamilnadu, india, ORCID Id:0000-0003-1307-2348

* Corresponding Author
Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2024
, 7 (2),
Received: 17 April 2024 |
Accepted: 13 Jun 2024 |
Published: 30 Jun 2024


This article is discussed for finding non-zero different solutions in integers to the non-homogeneous cubic equation with five unknowns represented by (x 3 − y ) = (z 3 −w3 )+ 72t 2. Various choices of integer solutions to the above equation are obtained through employing linear transformations and simplification. Some special results based on the solutions are also discussed.


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Non-homogeneous Quinary Cubic Equation.

Annals of Communications in Mathematics,

7 (2):
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