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R. Vijayalakshmi
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Neutrosophic regular semi compactness and connectedness

Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2022

, 5 (2)

, 127-137


AbstractIn this paper, we introduce the concept of neutrosophic regular semi compactness, neutrosophic regular semi connectedness, neutrosophic regular semi strongly connectedness and neutrosophic regular semi-C5-connectedness in neutrosophic topological spaces. Some interesting properties of these notions are studied. In this connection, interrelations are discussed. Example are provided wherever necessary.
Open AccessArticle

Neutrosophic Regular Semi Continuous Functions

Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2021

, 4 (3)

, 254-260


AbstractIn this paper, we introduce and study the concept of regular semi continuous, regular semi irresolute, regular semi-T1/2 space, regular semi homeomorphisms and regular semi c-homeomorphisms in neutrosophic topological spaces. Moreover, we investigate the relationship among neutrosophic regular semi continuous, neutrosophic regular semi irresolute, neutrosophic regular semi homeomorphism and neutrosophic regular semi Chomeomorphisms mappings. Finally, we have given some counter examples to show that these types of mappings are not equivalent.