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Md. Nasiruzzaman
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Approximation by sequences of q-Szasz-operators generated by Dunkl exponential function

Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2023

, 6 (4)

, 238-246


AbstractThe main purpose of this article is to introduce a modification of q-Dunkl generalization of Szasz-operators. We obtain approximation results via well known Korovkin’s type theorem. Moreover, we obtain the order of approximation, rate of convergence, functions belonging to the Lipschitz class and some direct theorems.
Open AccessArticle

Approximation on the Stancu variant of Szasz-Kantorovich operators via Dunkl generalization of post quantum calculus

Annals of Communications in Mathematics 2020

, 3 (3)

, 232-241


AbstractOur main purpose of this article is to study the approximation properties of Szasz-Mirakjan-Kantorovich operators by introducing the non negative parameter ´ 0 5 [α]p,q 5 [β]p,q. For this purpose we define the Stancu variant of Szasz-Mirakjan- ´ Kantorovich operators via (p, q)-variant of Dunkl generalization. First we study the Korovkin’s type approximation results in weighted spaces. Finally, we obtain the convergence of our new operators in by use of modulus of continuity in Lipschitz class and Petter’s Kfunctionals. The extra parameter p provides more flexibility and a generalized version in approximation rather than q.